Garcas / Heron Bird

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The heron is a ciconiform bird that inhabits areas near rivers, lakes, sea beaches, mangroves and estuaries. They live in tropical and subtropical regions of all continents except Antarctica. Most species of herons have white feathers covering their entire bodies and long necks. The big beaks of the herons may vary in color depending on the species. However, the most common nozzle colors are yellow, brown, and black. Measure between 70 and 85 cm in height.They weigh, on average, from 3 to 5 kilos according to the species.It feeds basically on fish, small amphibians, crustaceans and other species of small aquatic animals.
There are several genera herons (about 60), but the best known are: ardea alba (great white heron), bulbucos (heron), ardea cocoi (heron), tigrisoma and zerbrilus. It has solitary habits, but they live in flocks in the time of reproduction.They have diurnal habits, that they are collected in the tops of the thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening.The female usually puts, on average, 5 to 6 eggs.
Source: Pinterest